Here are some examples of our work:

Pool installation

The pool area in Ibiza is the centre of home activities, at least in summer. Our work in this area so far is varied. This is the first example. The mosaic is by Bisazza.

Pool nº 2

This is the second example. The joints are sealed with epoxy resin, the wooden platform is Iroko, a tropical hardwood.

Pool nº 3

This is the third example. The turquoise blue colour sequence is unique. The wooden platforms invite you to stay.

Pool nº 4

Here we have also built the pool huts, as we have built the wooden platforms around the other pools.

Pool nº 5

This really is a pool to swim in. The mosaic is by Bisazza, the joints are sealed with epoxy resin.

Finca impressions

The old buildings have a character that was to be maintained at all costs.

Bathroom impressions

A completely different set of bathrooms, all produced by M&S Bauservice.

Under-floor heating and appropriate screed

Essential to an atmosphere of well-being: under-floor heating. We have used different systems - including coolant floor - all with the latest technology. Decisive here is the distribution of appropriate screed whereby you can lay tiles after the drying time.

Drywall installation

We use both conventional plasterboards and WEDI plates, which are ideal for outdoor and damp spaces.


Not only for winter: Because what is good against the cold is also good against heat. Full insulation on the facade.

Concrete renovation

Only qualified professionals should work in this area. Work becomes urgent when rust appears in the strengthening of the walls. We are very meticulous in implementing renovation work and only use high quality products that have been developed specifically for renovating concrete.


As with all works we carry out, we are also very meticulous when executing waterproofing works. We put a double layer of tar paper and use the cross-welding technique.


Very special old style, but quite common in Ibiza: a fireplace in its various stages of construction.

Outdoor staircase

The series of photos of the outdoor staircase serves as an example for waterproofing underground buildings, and also to see the precision and mastery of masonry and concrete work of our skilled workers.



A good house is based on good foundations. Now all tubes and piping have to be in place.

A tour of the garden designs

One of our strengths is, among others, our inclusion of landscape features, consistent with the environment of the land or buildings.

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